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Limitless University is where you need to be if you’ve already started your e-commerce business but have hit a roadblock and need help breaking through that wall.

Our bespoke, one-on-one mentoring program offers you more than just advice – it provides real, actionable strategies to set your business on the path to £ 1 million and beyond. 

You‘ll work directly and personally with our e–commerce genius (and former Limitless Graduate), James Demitriades. James established Undeniable London and grew it to over £1 million in revenue from his mum’s house – all in less than a year…


Now, he wants to share the secrets to his wildly fast success with you so you and help supercharge your e–commerce business!


What's In The Programme?

This isn‘t another cookie-cutter, get-rich-quick, dropshipping course. Instead, our program is a meticulously detailed, personalised, one-on-one mentoring experience. James will personally providevaluable insight, guidance, and support to help you unlock the money-making potential of your business. With his help, you can achieve success faster and more efficiently than you could possibly imagine. 

The value of an e–commerce business mentor is Undeniable*

*pardon the pun…

The Limitless Team

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